We pride ourselves on our in-house development team’s talent and knowledge. They are constantly working hard to improve and develop our systems further to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of our software.

Their hard work has led to new and exciting updates. 

New navigation menu

We’ve updated the layout of our cloud navigation menu for all cloud software users. With a more streamlined layout, you’ll be able to move around the menu a lot quicker and easier. However, for a short switchover period, you will still have the ‘Raptor’ and ‘Lite’ icons,  but as we update our systems, they will be removed – so make sure you’re using the new icon.  

New Aviator Lite menu changes

If you’re an Aviator Lite user then we have an exciting new change to the layout of the menu which will benefit you and the way you work. We’ve replaced the Client and Job Details page with a pre-set job selection, so you can start a new quote without entering in the client details and bring through multiple modules based on your different projects – this will not only save you time but make producing your estimates a lot faster and simpler.  

Citrix Workspace App 

By using our new Citrix Workspace app you are able to work from anywhere, at any time on any device connected to the internet. This allows you to have the flexibility and freedom to create or amend your estimates from anywhere – so you can use the program from the sofa, van, office or even the beach. Need to show your client their documents? As long as you’ve got the app installed on your device then you can bring them up right there and then and present to (and impress) your client. 


Our software is now cloud-based so you’ll be able to work efficiently and confidently, knowing that all your work is backed up safely and securely. You will receive automatic upgrades – whatever size change is made your software will be updated straight away, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re working from the latest version. You’ll be able to make your own amendments, produce professional and comprehensive documents and have the most up to date and accurate prices using our live price profile. 

How can the software help me? 

Build Aviator’s estimating software allows you to manage your workload as it quickly prices your projects and produces job-winning and impressive documents for you and your clients. From minimal input, and the click of a few buttons, Build Aviator’s software does the thinking for you and accurately prices your projects. Starting at site set-up and finishing at completion, the program takes you through the project logically to ensure every aspect of the build is priced for. Whilst pricing, our software will automatically add or remind you to add in the smaller aspects of the build which may be missed. For example, if you’re pricing a smaller build and are working on the decking section, once you’ve calculated the number of boards needed the program will automatically calculate and enter the amount of joists and nails you’ll also need. By thinking ahead the program allows you to quote quickly and intelligently whilst also saving you time so you can spend it where it matters most. 

We’re continually working to upgrade and develop our software and systems to bring our customer the latest and best updates which allow you to work efficiently.