SAP Assessments

Standard Assessment Procedure, or SAP as it is more commonly known, is the Government’s method for measuring the energy rating of a building.

SAP calculates a dwelling’s CO2 emissions, along with likely energy costs for space, water heating and lighting per square metre, producing a score between 1-100. The higher the number, the more energy efficient the property is.

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The Build Aviator SAP Assessment Service:

  • Our expert assessors take your plans and provide you with a product specification
  • We provide a list of materials required, meaning your assessment has been undertaken using actual u-values rather than notional values. This offers a significantly more accurate representation of the energy rating of your dwelling
  • We ensure all the products listed are locally available saving time with material procurement
  • We include our Registered Construction Details (RCDs) into your assessment, providing you with build details and points to watch to minimise thermal bridging at junctions. These RCDs have been approved by Local Authority Building Control
  • Along with a full SAP report, you’ll also receive an on-site support pack containing: a SAP summary, product specification with associated U-values, RCDs and support documents for end of build testing

The Build Aviator On-site Support Pack

This comprehensive document has been designed to support you and your sub-contractors, enabling you to easily illustrate the building methods used to ease building sign-off

What’s included in the pack?

  • SAP summary report including a product listings
  • U-value calculations
  • Associated Registered Construction Details with material selection information
  • An on-site checklist
  • Air tightness testing notes and advice
  • Acoustic testing notes and recommendations
  • Sign-off inspection sheets
  • Details of value added products
  • Useful contacts

Once your SAP assessment has been completed you’ll receive this complimentary pack.

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