We’ve joined forces with Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to revolutionise the Registered Construction Details (RCDs), aligning them with thousands of products to make procurement simpler.

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Our RCDs

We include RCD’s as part of all SAP assessments, to help translate your design through to the build stage of the project. Using your designs, we evaluate which RCD’s are most suitable for your construction method and include them to support you in designing out thermal bridging issues.

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What’s so unique about our RCDs?

We’ve enhanced the original RCDs, by integrating a vast array of product lines into each, so you have plenty of options to choose between to assist you in minimising cold spots in your build.

  • Each RCD contains calculated values, points to watch and a vast array of product options that allow you to achieve the necessary values
  • If you opt for a Build Aviator SAP assessment, the relevant RCDs for your build will be included as standard
  • Each RCD includes a check sheet for additional support
  • Evidence for Building Control and Clerk of Works during on-site inspection making sign-off simpler Approved by the LABC
RCD House Diagram
  • E1

    E1/E2: Lintels/Other Lintels

  • E3

    E3: Sill

  • E4

    E4: Jamb

  • E5

    E5: Ground Floor

  • E6

    E6: Intermediate Floor within a Dwelling

  • E7

    E7: Intermediate Floor Between Dwelling

  • E10

    E10: Eaves (Insulation at Ceiling Level)

  • E11

    E11: Eaves (Insulation at Rafter Level)

  • E12

    E12: Gable (Insulation at Ceiling Level)

  • E13

    E13: Gable (Insulation at Rafter Level)

  • E16

    E16: Corner (Normal)

  • E17

    E17: Corner (Inverted)

  • E18

    E18: Party Wall Between Dwellings

  • P4

    P4: Party Roof Junction at Flat Ceiling

  • P5

    P5: Party Roof Junction at Sloping Ceiling (Room in Roof)

  • P1

    P1: Floor

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