About our Estimating Service

After a long day on-site, the last thing you want to be doing is spending your evenings doing paperwork. Our estimating services take the hassle out of pricing up a job. We’ll create comprehensive reports for you that tie together every aspect of a project. Or you can use one of our software packages, allowing you to quickly and easily estimate jobs wherever you are.

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The Build Aviator Difference

  • Bespoke reports include project summaries, bill of quantities, schedule of works, pricing sheets and tool hire info
  • Profits and margins easily integrated, ensuring accuracy for budgeting and tendering
  • Works with labour rates found by you
  • Build Aviator SAP assessment linked to your estimate, giving a smooth route to sign-off

Sample Client Report

The client report consists of the project overview, payment schedule, work schedule, summary breakdown and terms and conditions. Click the image below to view the sample pack.

Sample Business Report

The builder report consists of the builder summaries, work schedule, project breakdown and the bill of quantities. Click the image below to view the sample pack.