Is the weather preventing you from getting your work on-site completed?

From rain, snow, wind, flood or even heat waves, we are no strangers to experiencing work hold-ups because of extreme weather conditions, and if you work outdoors the forecast is always an important factor. This time of year is known for unpredictable weather conditions and therefore site hold-ups. If you can’t get on-site and are worried you’ll get behind on your quoting as you’re already behind on-site? Then we have the perfect solution for you.

Build Aviator’s estimating software is the only tool in your toolbox, or computer, which won’t prevent you from working because of the weather. 

Build Aviator is the UK’s leading software provider and we pride ourselves in providing an option for every kind of builder, as well as saving you time and money. Our specialist program Aviator Raptor is designed to accurately price new build work from start to finish, including extensions, new houses and industrial buildings. The program encourages your project’s progress, rather than preventing it, and ensures your quoting is quick and accurate. We know that pricing work can be time-consuming and frustrating so our software has been designed to work with you rather than against you, to ensure you estimate efficiently.  

By simply clicking a few buttons and with minimal input, the program produces a variety of detailed and job-winning documents which get you ahead of the game and ahead of your competition.

It calculates and combines all information entered and then creates all your documents at the same time in a detailed and professional layout for you and your client.

Our intuitive program is constantly working behind the scenes and thinking ahead to ensure you receive the most comprehensive and reliable quote possible.

By entering simple numbers into the pricing sheet, the program rapidly performs thousands of calculations to determine all quantities, prices and materials needed for each section of the build for you. The program takes you through the project logically, from site set-up right through to completion, so you can rest assured, knowing everything has been priced for…right down to the last nail! 

Unlike scaffolding or roofing, Build Aviator’s software isn’t weather permitting so you won’t have to worry about experiencing the problems and hold-ups that you encounter when working on site. The software works on a cloud-based platform which allows you to access your estimates anywhere, anytime and on any device, as long as it’s connected to the internet, ensuring that you stay up to date and on track with your quotes. 

So if you’re stuck inside and not on-site because of the weather, then open up your computer and get your quotes completed in the most accurate, detailed and professional way possible. Unlike the British weather, Build Aviator’s estimating software is something which can be relied upon. If you’d like to find out more about the variety of software packages we offer, then please visit our website:

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