During the run-up to Christmas, all your efforts will be focused on site, whilst the paperwork, estimating and planning for the year ahead is neglected. Fortunately, Build Aviator is here to ensure that you are Christmas ready and can focus on getting yourself organised for the year ahead. We know what matters most and our bespoke estimating and software services are designed to give you the helping hand you need this festive season.

We’ve taken a few of the most frequently asked questions and unwrapped the answers to help you have a holly jolly Christmas. 

How can I start thinking about next year’s projects when my current clients are jumping up and down to have their projects completed by Christmas? 

It’s never too early to get ahead of the game and start thinking about next year’s jobs. With Build Aviator’s estimating service this has never been easier! We act as an extension of your team and our service is designed to take the headache out of the paperwork, freeing up your time so you can spend it where it matters most. Just send us the plans for any upcoming new year projects and we’ll take it from there. We will provide you with a detailed estimate of your project costs, including materials, plant and labour. Our estimates are created by builders for builders, so our ex-trade experts are experienced and understand the importance of having accurate costs. All you have to do is pass the quotation onto your client and wait for Santa to come to town. 

How can I meet ensure I meet all my Christmas deadlines? 

All building projects have a perceived deadline, which can be stressful as there might be several smaller deadlines in one job, for example, the end of the foundations, the final kitchen fit or the handover. But then we have Christmas. The Christmas deadline is historically known as the worst as everything seems to become fast-paced, the pressure begins to build and everyone turns into Christmas-zillas running around Tesco thinking they haven’t bought enough parsnips. 

However, if a delay occurs, for example forgetting to order material and delivery being delayed or the client changing their mind, can prevent the job from progressing any further. A delay to one part of the initial build might mean, when projected further over, the client won’t have the dream kitchen she wanted to cook the perfect Christmas dinner in. The builder then feels obliged to conjure up something ‘temporary’ so the client’s Christmas isn’t completely crushed, which results in extra work. With Christmas being the season of goodwill, and if the delay wasn’t your fault, you start to doubt yourself and think can I charge for the extra work? 

Build Aviator’s estimating software allows you to quickly and conveniently produce professional and accurate estimates from anywhere with an internet connection. The layout of the software is in the same order that the work would take place on-site, all you need to do is enter your measurements and the program does all the thinking and calculations for you. It works as your own project manager and produces a work schedule that breaks the schedule down into sections and weeks so it’s hard to forget anything and keeps the build on track. 

I’m juggling multiple jobs and all my clients think their project is the most important… how do I organise myself and all my jobs? 

Christmas is a very emotional time for deadlines. The season impinges on family as everyone wants to have a good holiday and spend the break with their loved ones. We fully understand the pressure that you have to contend with, and how at Christmas it gets worse. Every client is thinking that their project is the most important and how they will express that they need their extension ready for Christmas because their second cousins Aunty and Uncle twice removed and their children are all coming to stay. And then if the project can’t be finished before Christmas, the client could start pestering you to get back to work and carry on with the job, reducing your holiday. Build Aviator’s software becomes your own project manager and works as a reminder to allow you to pre-plan your work and organise yourself and your projects. 

Let Build Aviator help you jingle all the way through your Christmas deadlines and make yourself and your client’s happy. So, grab a mince pie, a glass of eggnog and the people who matter the most and relax on the sofa this holiday season!

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