Estimating Software

Want to easily create a professional quote that includes merchant prices, from your van, a client site or anywhere with an internet connection? Well, now you can…

We are the UK’s leading Software provider, bringing you estimating software that combines the intelligence of estimating programs, with merchant product prices from Jewson in a cloud platform.

So you can quickly and easily create professional estimates for large housing projects to go to tender or comprehensive quotes for smaller scale jobs like loft conversions or plumbing.

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Build Aviator Estimating Software


Our estimating software is tried and trusted by thousands of builders and tradesmen and it’s also used by our Build Aviator estimators as part of our Estimating Service. The estimating software still uses the same core functionality and layout, we continue to develop and enhance. So you get more merchant product lines and can now run the software on your mobile, tablet or laptop, without needing a USB or disc.

Aviator Raptor

Working on a big project?

Quote for it with Aviator Raptor, our most comprehensive software for estimating new builds and extensions.

The software is laid out in the same order that work takes place and has been developed so that it requires minimal details. You enter your measurement and it does all the calculations for you, prompting you to select between product options where necessary, such as foundation types. Generating labour costs and margins couldn’t be easier, the system will automatically input labour times and prices, based on your project specifications and standard rates and a 20% markup will be added across the board. All of this can be altered to suit your labour prices and profit margins.

Buy Aviator Raptor today and you could be creating a job winning estimating report ready for tender an hour after you receive your login access.

Aviator Lite

Up late at night quoting?

Cut it out with Aviator Lite our new software that contains over 160 job modules from architraves to scaffolding so you can quote for trade specific tasks or join up different modules to quote a larger project such as a loft conversion or landscaping project.

With Aviator Lite you can create a quote in a few simple clicks…

  1. Select the relevant modules
  2. Enter your measurements
  3. Select any product types i.e. boarded fence or picket fence
  4. Choose whether you want to include labour and plant costs
  5.  Add In your mark-up percentage

And Voilà! You’ll get a material order, bill of quantities, work schedule and a written quote document for your customer and more! All of which can be customised with your own business credentials.

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