‘Do it yourself’ is a phrase we’ve all heard and probably said many times before.

The phrase is typically associated with building, renovating, remodelling or repairing a project or item around the house. Completing a ‘DIY’ project can be time-consuming, stressful and hard work, and pricing work can be exactly the same. From looking around and gathering prices, to putting together a material list and organising all your prices, it really is exhausting, especially if you’ve got more than one upcoming project, and a few to take care of around the house.   

Build Aviator understands the worries, frustration and stress which comes with pricing a job, so we’ve worked hard to create a solution for you. Our estimating software Aviator Lite is perfect for those smaller projects, trade-specific tasks or those mundane jobs around the house your wife is nagging you to finish. It allows you to generate detailed estimates for jobs such as decking, fencing, flooring and even projects such as loft conversions, all within minutes. The program works with you to meet your deadlines and ensures you have the most accurate and competitive prices. Featuring over 180 modules the program assures everything is priced for down to the last nail! Being a cloud-based software, quoting has never been simpler,  it enables you to price or amend a quote anywhere, on any device connected to the internet. 

Once you’ve priced the project, the program will provide you with a summary which will work as your ‘go-to’ document as it displays the overall totals and breaks down all work sections into plant, material and labour. To ensure you know the exact materials and quantities you’ll need, a material order sheet and bill of quantities are generated which display a full breakdown of costs and materials. Say goodbye to the days of travelling back and forth to the shop because you’ve forgotten another material, second-guessing yourself and having to do difficult maths to get an accurate quote to submit to your client. Why are you still doing it yourself when Aviator Lite is here to do it for you?  

Build Aviator has partnered with Saint Gobain and work closely with a variety of builders merchants located around the United Kingdom, including Jewson, Gibbs and Dandy and JP Corry. In addition to this, Jewson has recently set up specialist Aviator Lite stations in-branch designed to offer you the chance to try out the software…for free! You’ll be shown how to use the software and have your quote and material list printed out for you there and then. Interested? Simply visit your local Jewson branch and enquire today! 

The materials and prices used in the software are taken from Saint Gobain’s live price profile, meaning the prices are always competitive and up to date and the materials are readily available. When you are ready to order your materials you can have them delivered to your closest branch and pay through your merchant account, which continues to keep your build organised, efficient and on track. 

Aviator Lite is here to ensure you stay on the tools and on-site doing what you do best…building work! So, join the Build Aviator team and say adios to stress, long hours, disorganisation and no free time. The only question left to ask is D.I.Why aren’t you using Build Aviator already?

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