Build Aviator’s software is continuously evolving to ensure we provide you with the highest quality software possible. To help us achieve this, we’ve moved over to the cloud!

What does this mean?

No one knows what the cloud really is, all we know is that it’s the best way to store and back up all work, photos and, in our case, estimates. All our software is now cloud-based so you’ll be able to work efficiently and confidently, knowing that all your work is backed up safely and securely. When you purchase one of our software packages, say farewell to the old days of having to install hard copies onto your computer, and say hello to being able to work from any device, anywhere – as long as you’ve got an internet connection and logged in to your cloud account. If you don’t want to purchase one of our software packages then the cheaper alternative is to buy access to the cloud. However, this means that you can play around and make your own amendments to work priced with the Build Aviator Estimating Service but and you won’t be able to start a new quote yourself. Once you’ve purchased a package and been set up on the cloud you’ll automatically receive the great benefits this service provides.

What are the benefits?

Our in-house development team never stops improving our services and they’re constantly working to ensure the software works to its best ability for you. Therefore, when using the cloud, you will receive automatic upgrades. Whatever size change is made your software will be updated straight away, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re working from the latest version. Whilst evolving the general workings of the program, our team has also been busy developing and improving the formulas and calculations to ensure you work from the most accurate and up to date software. In addition to this, the live price profile used is updated monthly so you’ll always be using the most up to date and competitive industry prices.

As long as your device is connected to the internet, you’ll be able to generate, check or show your client the professional and accurate reports you’ve estimated. You’ll be able to make your own amendments to previous projects which you, or us, have created and all your projects will be stored on your cloud account. This not only gives you freedom but also the flexibility to estimate wherever, whenever and for whoever.

On top of all these great benefits, when you become a cloud customer you also will receive unlimited support and a discount when using our estimating service, so if you don’t have the time to price the job yourself we can happily do it for you, for a reduced rate. You’ll be entered into exclusive quarterly competitions with prizes such as industry-leading tools and electronic devices. So, if you’re interested in joining us in the cloud, please visit our website or give us a call. | 03333 321518.

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