Acoustic Testing

Acoustic testing is a requirement for properties such as semi-detached, terraces and apartments, where habitable rooms from separate dwellings meet. The acoustic testing requirement throughout the UK is designed to support and satisfy Part E building regulations.

The legislation is also in place for material change of use projects, involving turning a non-residential building into a house or flats. Building Regulations stipulate that the construction must involve measures that will provide protection against sound and reverberation.

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About the Build Aviator Acoustic Service:

Our UKAS accredited testing services is performed to the very highest standard. For complex builds our experts can work with you to ensure that acoustic solutions are designed in to your project from the outset, steering you on the right track for compliance against Part E building regulations. Should any of your tests fail, our partners have considerable experience in assisting you in fixing problems that you may encounter.

  • Coverage throughout the UK for on-site testing
  • Competitive and efficient service
  • UKAS accredited
  • Desktop study and consultation service also available to provide design stage guidance if required

So what’s the solution?

Build Aviator has partnered with LABC Acoustics to offer a comprehensive service. Our team can work with your architect to ensure acoustic solutions are designed in from the beginning, reducing the risk of failure due to issues such as flanking.

Why is it so important?

A fail in an acoustic test on your build could lead to costly remedial solutions and delay sign-off.

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